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The place where you can further develop your mindfulness and compassion skills,
which leads to more conscious decision-making.
No-nonsense, scientific-based and practice-oriented.

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Are you often in a hurry or does the time flies by? Did you get stuck and would you like to handle things differently from now on? Then, the 8 week mindfulness training might be a good option for you. Moreover, it is possible to get a reimbursement from your health insurer.
Have you previously attended an 8 week mindfulnesstraining, and would you like to further deepen your self-compassion skills? Then the 8 week mindfulness-based compassionate living training (MBCL) will most likely suits you better.


Would you rather learn mindfulness or self-compassion skills individually? Perhaps, coaching sessions suits you better. Feel free to get in touch, so that we can find out together what suits you and your life best, in this very moment. For example, you can participate an 8-wk mindfulness or compassion training individually or a personalized program can be developed for you.


Are you looking for a suitable workshop at your department or within the organization? I developed workshops on different topics (e.g. efficient communication, work-life balance, stress management). In addition, official mindfulness trainings and coaching sessions can be provided within organizations. For further information, please contact me.