Who am 'I' ?

Hi, my name is Marleen ter Avest. I'm a researcher, psychologist, mindfulness trainer (cat.1), compassion trainer (MBCL, cat. A), but above all: someone who enjoys the little things in life.

After the bachelor in medicine, I switched to study psychology. Currently, I work as a researcher, researching the working mechanisms of MBCT and MBCL in people with recurrent depression.

In addition to my PhD, I followed the 1.5-year post-master education to become a mindfulness trainer at the Radboudumc, the MBCL teacher trainers program with Frits Koster and Annetje Brunner and I started my own practice.

What drives me?

Many people thought that I was crazy when I switched from medicine to psychology. It was hard work and I needed a lot of persistence, but it took me less energy than not to make this switch.

How is that possible?

The shift from medicine to psychology has been a switch from head to heart.

The moment that you come into contact with your feelings, needs and wishes and learn to seriously listen to them, you will get in a flow. You get more and more energy, because you focus on doing exactly what gives you energy.

I am here to inspire you to get started to make decisions that suit you. Because, there is so much more to get out of life, in which you can be of more support for both yourself and others.

Who are you?

Are you someone who suffers from:

~ Overload or Burnout
~ Restlessness
~ Uncertainty
~ Worrying
~ Self critical thoughts
~ Low self esteem
~ Fear or Panic
~ Dejection

Then you are at the right address. Why? Because I am the living example that developing mindfulness and compassion skills can lead you to relate differently to thoughts and feelings, so that you can start to act in a different way! From an insecure and tense girl who sometimes couldn't even take a test in high school (black-outs), to a woman who gives lectures and meditations for a large audience. Of course there is still fear, although the intensity is no longer what it used to be and I do not let myself be guided by it as much as before. I too am just a human being that came from far. Let me accompany you on your valuable journey.